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Dr. Amy PorterDr. Amy Porter was raised in the Southeastern United States and began her career path in psychology by receiving her Bachelors’ Degree from the University of Alabama. She soon received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University, San Francisco Bay Area in September, 2006. She sought a variety of clinical experiences in the Bay Area and took what she gained to the Midwest, where she practiced in Elgin and Chicago, Illinois. Recently, she received the opportunity to return to the West Coast and provide her services in Southern California.

Dr. Porter works for the California Department of Corrections as a full time staff psychologist. In addition, she has continued to practice and polish her skills through a variety of private and volunteer settings. The breadth of her experience gives her treatment a versatile and distinguished approach.

Currently, Dr. Porter is providing individual, group and family therapy in the Valencia, Santa Clarita, and Stevenson’s Ranch areas. She utilizes a variety of modalities in treatment including cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, interpersonal, and narrative approaches. She also specializes in treating a variety of disorders and life problems. In addition to therapy services, Dr. Porter also provides psychological assessment services for a variety of referral questions.

California License No:
PSY 22687

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