Group Therapy

Group therapy involves you, a limited number of other individuals, and your therapist. These session sizes are preferably no more than 8 people, and at most 12. Group therapy sessions generally focus on common areas of concern such as but not limited to: bipolar support, substance abuse recovery, or coping with terminal illness.

All potential group members will be interviewed prior to the group’s start date to determine compatibility and appropriateness of his or her mental and emotional state for group participation. The group will meet for a predetermined length of time (i.e. 6 sessions, 15 weeks) and have a start date, after which the group becomes closed to new members.

It is perfectly acceptable for group members to join a second support group after the previous sessions have ended. Any member wishing to do so will also be interviewed individually prior to the group’s start date. In some cases a group may be designated as “open”, in which case there are ongoing meetings and accepts new members regularly.

Dr. Porter provides a variety of groups. Please call for more information.

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