Psychological Services

Dr. Amy Porter currently works with adults and adolescents (ages 14 and up), providing supportive therapy services to families caring for sick loved ones, changes in family dynamics, retirement, and divorce. In addition to therapy services, she provides cognitive and emotional assessment.

Individual Therapy

A typical Individual Therapy Session involves only you and Dr. Porter. The first meeting will usually focus on background and a thorough history of the problem. This initial session will allow the doctor to further examine the source of the problem and levels of treatment available. These sessions adhere strictly to our privacy and confidentiality guidelines. (read more)

Group Therapy

Group therapy involves you, a limited number of other individuals, and your therapist. These session sizes are preferably no more than 8 people, and at most 12. Group therapy sessions generally focus on common areas of concern such as but not limited to: bipolar support, substance abuse recovery, or coping with terminal illness. (read more)

Psychological Testing Services

Generally, all testing services begin with a clinical interview. A clinical interview is used to collect important information about your development, psychosocial history, current situation, and future goals. Following the interview, Dr. Porter will determine what assessment measures or tests will likely provide the desired information needed to answer the referring question(s). (read more)

Consultation Services

Consultation services are always available to fellow professionals and treatment providers. Please inquire regarding the range of services. (read more)

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