Psychological Testing Services

Psychological testing/assessment services are provided to aid in treatment and assist with diagnosis. The testing process is varied and dependent upon the referring questions:

Do I have a personality disorder?
Does my teen have a Learning Disorder?
Do I qualify for Bariatric Surgery?
Do I qualify for pain management treatment?
What is my accurate diagnosis?

Generally, all testing services begin with a clinical interview. A clinical interview is used to collect important information about your development, psychosocial history, current situation, and future goals. Following the interview, Dr. Porter will determine what assessment measures or tests will likely provide the desired information needed to answer the referring question(s).

A second appointment may be needed in order to complete the necessary tests or measures. Any questions about the tests and assessment process will be gladly answered prior to administration. All assessments are followed up with a complimentary feedback session, in which results are discussed and any questions may be answered.

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