Working With Dr. Porter

After you have made the decision to seek help and contact Dr. Porter, you will find that you’re treated with the utmost care and respect. An initial appointment will be made for consultation purposes. During your initial consultation, Dr. Porter will gather basic information about you and why you’ve decided to seek help. This will be the foundation for what will take place in further sessions.

If you are seeking individual therapy, a second appointment will be made to discuss the course of treatment. You will then be seen on a routine basis, which traditionally is once a week but may vary depending on your specific needs. As you go through treatment, Dr. Porter will discuss your progress with you and answer any questions you may have about the treatment process or your need to continue with additional sessions.

If you are seeking group therapy, Dr. Porter will remain in contact with you until the start date of the group sessions. At that date and time, you will meet your fellow group members and have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the group therapy process. You will then meet with your group members and Dr. Porter once a week for a preset number of meetings. Dr. Porter will be available to you by phone for any support between meetings, however, it is encouraged that your concerns be discussed during the group meetings. This is so your fellow group members can be a part of your support and have the opportunity to provide you with valuable feedback.

If you are seeking psychological assessment/testing services, a second appointment may be made in order to administer the selected measures/tests. Then a separate appointment will be made to provide you feedback and answer any questions about your results.

If you are seeking consultation services, Dr. Porter will discuss with you the next steps during your initial contact. Depending on the circumstances, the initial contact may be followed by a second appointment, site visit, staff meeting, group meeting, or summary report with recommendations.

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